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Home Medications and Treatments for Toothache

A toothache is generally the result of tooth decay or sometimes an infection. Tooth decay is often caused by poor dental hygiene, although the tendency to get tooth decay is partly inherited. Good teeth are an important part of one's health and appearance. Toothache is a common problem and can be very painful as it occurs in the nerves connecting the tooth.

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Symptoms of Toothache

Toothache and jaw pain are common complaints. There may be severe pain to pressure, or to hot or cold stimuli. The pain may persist for longer than 15 seconds after the stimulus is removed. As the area of inflammation increases, the pain becomes more severe. It may radiate to the cheek, the ear, or the jaw. Other signs and symptoms that may lead you to seek care include the following:

Pain with chewing
Hot or cold sensitivity
Bleeding or discharge from around a tooth or gums
Swelling around a tooth or swelling of your jaw
Injury or trauma to the area

Maintaining proper dental hygiene goes a long way in preventing oral cavities and gum disease thereby preventing Toothache.

Causes of Toothache

Tooth decay and Gingivitis (gum disease) are the most common causes of Toothache. Toothache occurs from inflammation of the central portion of the tooth called pulp. The pulp contains nerve endings that are very sensitive to pain. Inflammation to the pulp or pulpitis may be caused by dental cavities, trauma, and infection. Improper dental hygiene is a leading cause of toothache.

Treatment Of Toothache

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Garlic is one of most effective of several home remedies for toothache. A clove of garlic with a little rock salt should be placed on the affected tooth. It will relieve the pain and, sometimes, may even cure it. A clove should also be chewed daily in the morning. It will make the teeth strong and healthy.

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Latest research has confirmed the bactericidal properties of onion. If a person consumes one raw onion every day by thorough mastication, he will be protected from a host of tooth disorders. Chewing raw onion for three minutes is sufficient to kill all the germs in the mouth. Placing a small piece of onion on the bad tooth or gum often allays toothache.

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Lime, as a rich source of vitamin C, is useful in maintaining the health of the teeth and other bones of the body. It prevents decay and loosening of the teeth, dental caries, toothache, and bleeding of the gums.

Wheat Grass:
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The juice of wheat grass acts as an excellent chewed with beneficial results. It draws out toxins from the gums and thus checks bacterial growth.

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The use of asafoetida has been found useful in alleviating toothache. It should be pestled in lemon juice and slightly heated. A cotton swab should be soaked in this lotion and placed in the cavity of the tooth. It will relieve pain quickly.

Bay Berry:
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A paste of the bark of bayberry should be made with vinegar. This paste, applied on the affected tooth, will relieve the toothache. It can also be applied beneficially on the gums for strengthening them.

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The use of a clove in toothache reduces pain. It also helps to decrease infection due to its antiseptic properties. Clove oil, applied to a cavity in a decayed tooth, also relieves toothache.

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A mixture of a pinch of pepper powder and a quarter teaspoon of common salt is an excellent deentrifice. Its daily use prevents dental caries, foul breath, bleeding from the gums, painful gums, and toothaches. It cures the increased sensitiveness of the teeth. A pinch of pepper powder mixed with clove oil can be put on the caries to alleviate the toothache.

Dietary Considerations

1. An overall healthy diet – Use fresh foods as close to the natural state as possible, avoiding prepackaged and processed foods. Eat daily servings of leafy green vegetables, whole grains (such as brown rice and rolled oats), fresh fruit, and proteins with a minimum of animal fat.

Drink at least 8 cups of fluids daily. For more information refer to the article on healthy diet.

2. Eat plenty of dietary fiber, as it helps in clearing away plaque. Eat at least one of the following foods daily: 1 bowl of salad, 1 cup cooked leafy green vegetables, 1 to 2 raw carrots or 1 apple.

3. Avoid sugar – Sugar increases the accumulation of plaque. As much as possible, avoid candy, cake, cookies, and soda pop. Other sources of sugar such as fruit juices, honey, and dried fruit should be limited, as well as white bread and white rice.

4. Eating a half a pound or more per day of grapes, cherries, blueberries and other dark berries can help in the repair and upkeep of the gums and surrounding bone tissue. But be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly after eating them.

Other effective Remedies for Toothache

Proper cleaning of the teeth is very essential to prevent tooth decay and consequent toothache. There are many theories on how best to clean the teeth. The consensus of dental opinion, however, seems to back using a circular motion with the brush, so as to ensure that all dental surfaces are cleaned. One should not be afraid to touch the gums with the brush, as this gentle stimulation improves the blood circulation in the gums.

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