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How To Get Rid Of Head Lice Naturally

Head Lice, also known as Pediculosis are common parasite which occurs in the hairs of children, especially girls. The adult louse measures about a pin head. The Lice lays eggs which looks like flakes of dandruff. These eggs are also known as nits. The lice live on the blood which it sucks with the help of its sharp proboscis. The bite leaves a mark on the scalp which itches and can also become infected. Head Lice are extremely contagious.

There are three main types of over the counter lice treatments available. Lindane, the oldest, contains a neurotoxin that attacks the lice's nervous system (Not recommended for young children, very similar to DDT). Nix, R&C and Kewllada-P also contains a neurotoxin, but they are less harmful and can be used on children. The newest is Resultz and targets the exoskeleton of the louse, instead f its nerves. When using any of these three it is best to wash your child's her in a sink, rather then in a bathtub where the whole body is exposed to the chemicals.

Lice are becoming resistant to neurotoxin and the neurotoxin does not kill the eggs.  So it is important to follow the instructions and follow up with a second treatment in 7 to 10 days. It is also very important to nitpick your child's hair, to remove any eggs. 


Persistence is the key to getting rid of these annoying ‘Parasites’


Myths Vs. Facts About Head Lice


Lice infestation is accommodated by itching. Initial infestation will show no signs for 4-6 weeks.
Lice have wings and can jump or fly. Lice do not have wings and are only transmitted by direct contact
If a child in the family has lice, the whole family should be treated. Only the infested person should be treated; other members should be monitored and treated only if lice are found.
Lice can live away from the scalp, in carpets, beds and clothing. Lice can only live 1 to 2 days once removed from the scalp.
Pets can have head lice too. Lice cannot live on animals, due to the difference between hair and fur.
Lice are common in unclean populations. Cleanliness is not a risk factor for lice infestation.
Head lice prefer long or dirty hair. Hair length is not a risk factor for Lice infestation.

Head lice Rhyme




and comb

will leave

the lice

without a home.

Persistence is the key to getting rid of these annoying ‘PESTS’

Herbal remedies can be very effective for getting rid of lice.  Tea-tree oil is good for getting rid of lice, but many people have had problems with irritations or allergic reactions. So it's good to test yourself before you have deal with lice to see if you are allergic or if it irritates your skin.

An herbal rinse of apple-cider is also effective in dealing with lice.

 Four cups apple-cider vinegar

Four cups of water

1/4 ounce of essential oil (thyme, tea-tree, sassafra or lavender) Thyme is said to work well.

 Massage it into the scalp for half an hour, then rinse (careful not to get it in your eyes)

 Essential oils are anti-parasitic; they kill the lice by suffocating their cells.  The vinegar soothes the scalp, which can be mildly irritated by the oils and is also probably already irritated from scratching the lice.

 Next rub moisturizing olive or coconut oil into the scalp to loosen the nits and then comb though the hair with a nit comb (Special very fine comb) and a necessary step in getting rid of lice. Then rinse your hair, and wash any clothing.

Repeat everyday for three days in a row. Wait one week after last treatment and repeat again for the three day treatment.


Another treatment we tried that is very effective in dealing with lice.

Mayo for treating headliceThis mayonnaise treatment is very simple t

o do and we recommend you try it. The  mayonnaise will suffocate the lice.

Spread mayonnaise over the head until  completely covered, about 5 tablespoons should cover the average head. Massage the mayonnaise into the scalp and hair.  Then place a shower cap or wrap the head tightly with plastic warp and let sit for an hour. Rinse the hair with water, just enough to remove most of the mayonnaise so that you can get a comb thought the hair.  Thoroughly comb hair with a nit comb and then rinse hair with water again. Repeat in 7 to 10 days to kill any nits that may have hatched.

Both of these natural remedies have been proven to work and are a better alternative to harsh chemicals.  If these remedies do not work you can always try the over-the-counter shampoos.


How to use a Nit Comb

How To Get Rid Of Head Lice

The best way to clear hair of lice is with a fine tooth nit comb. It pulls the nits (eggs) out of the hair.

One method is to comb the hair when it is dry.  Remember to check for nits on the comb, while combing and shake off onto a piece of paper which can be discarded.  Check around the ears, as the ears create a warm and moist area favored by lice.

Second method (preferred method) is to wash the hair and then put on lots of conditioner, olive (olive oil is preferred) or coconut oil .  The olive oil will help to make the hair slippery to the comb. Then comb normally, to line up the hairs, before combing again with the nit comb. This allow you to get at the adult lice and the nits adhering to hairs. Do this again three or four days later, and again after another three or four days.

Nit Comb



3 Step wet combing method

Wet the hair


Use a conditioner

Massage gently all over

Slowly comb through the hair close to scalp (with a nit comb)

Check comb frequently

Wipe the comb off onto a piece of tissue.