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Warts are small growths that occur on various parts of the body and are caused by a virus. The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) family have largely been found to cause Warts. They most frequently appear on the hands, fingers, and soles of the feet, although they may appear on other parts of the body as well. They are common both in children and adults. Warts are contagious and can be spread from one person to another or from one place to another on the same person. Warts are almost always painless and harmless (unless bumped) but contagious in nature. They can be classified as Common Warts, Plantar Warts,  Filiform Warts,  and Flat Warts depending on the characteristics of Warts. Common Warts are generally found on your knees, hands, fingers and elbows and are characterized by dome-shaped small bumps with a rough surface. Under normal circumstances, warts tend to go away on their on in weeks, months or even years.

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Symptoms of Warts

Common Warts are light grey, yellow or brown in color. Warts come in various shapes and sizes and usually appear as rough elevations on the skin. These elevations appear more on the fingers, elbows, knees, face, and scalp. Those that appear on the soles of the feet are called plantar warts.  Giant Planter Warts tend to cover a large area of the sole and are very painful and the sufferer is not able to walk properly.

Causes of Warts

The main cause of warts is a virus infection (HPV) of the skin. Plantar warts on the soles are usually contracted in swimming pools. A warm and moist environment promotes the growth of this viral infection. The virus can spread from one individual to another through small breaks in the skin. Constitutional factors, however, appear to be at the root of the trouble. These factors lead to some defects in the proper development of the skin surface in certain areas.

Treatment Of Warts

Warts treatment using Castor Oil:
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The use of castor oil is one of the most important home remedies for warts. This oil should be applied generously over the affected parts every night. The treatment should be continued for several months.

Warts treatment using Figs:
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The milky juice of fresh figs is another valuable remedy. This juice should be extracted from the fresh, barely-ripe fruits and applied on the warts several times a day. The treatment should be continued for two weeks.

Warts treatment using Potato:
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Raw potatoes are beneficial in the treatment of warts. They should be cut and rubbed on the affected area several times daily, for at least two weeks. This wi1l bring about good results.

Warts treatment using Onion:
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Onions are also valuable in warts. They are irritating to the skin and stimulate the circulation of the blood. Warts sometimes disappear when rubbed with cut onions.

Warts treatment using Indian Squill:
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The herb Indian squill is useful in removing warts. A powder of the bulb of this herb should be applied locally over the affected area for beneficial results.

Warts treatment using Dandelion:
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The herb dandelion is another valuable remedy for warts. The milk from the cut end of dandelion should be applied over the affected area two or three time's daily.

Warts treatment using Marigold:
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Marigold is another herb found beneficial in the treatment of warts. The juice of the leaves of this plant can be applied beneficially over warts. The sap from the stem has also been found beneficial in the removal of warts.

Warts treatment using Cashewnut Oil:
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The oil extracted from the shell of the cashewnut is useful in warts as it is a strong irritant to the skin. It should be applied externally over the affected area in treating this condition.

Warts treatment using Other Remedies:
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Certain other external applications over the affected parts have also proved beneficial in the treatment of warts. These include juices of papaya and pineapple, and chalk powder mixed with water.

Warts diet

Include in the diet foods high in:

* beta-carotene
* folic acid

Yellow, red and orange fruits and vegetables:

* carrots
* corn
* mangoes
* squash
* tomatoes

Dark-green, leafy vegetables:

* cabbage
* collard greens
* lettuce
* spinach


* beans
* peanuts
* whole grains

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