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Menopause Home Remedy Using BeetrootMenopause Home Remedy Using Beetroot

Conditions Treated: Menopause


Ingredients Used: Beetroot


Description:  Menopause is described as a condition in which a woman reaches the end of her reproductive period. This condition is precipitated by a lowering in levels of female hormones like progesterone and estrogen. The condition is characterized by irritability, vaginal dryness and hot flushes. Menopause is also termed as Change of Life. Beetroot juice is very effective in resolving the symptoms of Menopause. Beetroot is a round red root vegetable also called beet or Beta vulgaris. It has some more common names like Spinach Beet, Sea Beet, Garden Beet, White Beet, Mangel Wurzel.


Directions For Use:  Drink a small 100 ml of Beetroot juice two or three times a day for treating Menopause.


Not To Use With: Unknown


Side Effects:   Unknown


Expected Results:  Symptoms of Menopause are resolved in a month with the medicinal benefits of Beetroot.